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Chapter 231 Will you marry me?
It’s really a heart to pass this day. Maybe everyone will never forget this day. This day is of great significance to them!
"In order to celebrate our Princess Hall and Xuan Hall, let’s drink together." At the dining table, I looked at everyone with a cup and said with a smile. I couldn’t help myself. My sister finally found a lover. Can she be unhappy? "cheers!" Everyone laughed and raised their glasses, touched each other and then drank them off.
Ice pupil looked at the crowd and said, "Don’t worry about drinking. I cooked all the dishes myself today! Everyone must finish eating! " "What? How can I finish eating so many dishes! " Tower you looked at the front dish some dissatisfaction and said
Yi Yi spoiled and touched the tower’s head and said with a smile, "The Princess Hall means that everyone can eat well." When they saw the expression on the tower, they all smiled at the tower’s deep dissatisfaction. They all laughed at themselves and stared at them and bowed their heads to eat. When others saw the tower, they stopped laughing and burst out laughing.
"Okay, okay, let’s stop laughing and eat quickly!" The ice pupil can’t bear to see the tower you come out like that. She clears the crowd. When they hear the ice pupil say that, they will no longer say what it is to bow their heads to eat. The tower you are grateful to look at the ice pupil and then bow their heads to eat.
Ice pupil smiled and then picked up the tableware to eat, but Jin Xuan never spoke, but kept looking at the ice pupil. Every movement of the ice pupil fell into his eyes.
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At this moment, a maid came to the ice pupil and bent down to say, "The Queen of the Princess Hall asks you to come to her room." When I heard this maid say this, everyone looked at the ice pupil in succession.
See the elegant ice pupil picked up a handkerchief and wiped her mouth, and then got up and said to everyone, "Let’s eat slowly. I’ll go first." After this sentence, the ice pupil also looked at Jin Xuan sitting next to him and smiled, "You should eat more!" Jinxuan nodded and watched the ice from the pupil.
"Well, well, everyone has gone away. You’d better eat quickly!" See Jin Xuan still staring at the ice pupil away from the direction, and they smiled. It’s really hard to watch. They said that the ice pupil and Jin Xuan have made up, so they wouldn’t be strangers to Jin Xuan. They don’t mind calling him Xuan Jin Xuan directly.
When I heard that, Jinxuan blushed, but soon hid it. Then she bowed her head and ate, and everyone had nothing to look at. But everyone wanted the Queen to look for the ice pupil. What’s the matter? No, hurry up and eat, then go and see, thinking that everyone’s eating speed is unconsciously accelerated.
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Queen’s bedroom
A maid came to Elizabeth’s room and bent down and said, "Please come in the princess’s room." Elizabeth’s bedside was a little lazy and said, "Yes." The maid nodded and turned and walked away.
Soon Bingtong came in. She went straight to sit next to Elizabeth II and asked, "What can I do for menstruation?" "I heard that you and Dubai Xuan Dian are back together, right?" Elizabeth X sat up and looked at her and asked, although I have heard it from my hand, Elizabeth X still wants to confirm it in person.
"Is there any problem with menstruation?" Bing Tong asked Elizabeth X, although she knew that Bing Tong would admit it, but she didn’t expect her to be so direct. "You are very happy with menstruation, but will he marry you?" Elizabeth X was worried and asked her to find her own happiness, but there were still some problems to consider.
Ice pupil heard Elizabeth ask this question for a moment, and she looked at Elizabeth blankly.
Elizabeth X sighed a little when she saw her like this, and then said, "Shar, you can find your own happiness. menstruation is very happy, but he is the king of Dubai. Dubai is a close relative. I think you know that he is a king. Do you think he will disobey the national regulations and marry you?" Indeed as expected ice pupil heard Elizabeth * the words don’t know what to say.
Yes! Why haven’t you thought about it yourself! He is a monarch, how can he know the law and break the law! Will he marry himself? The ice pupil suddenly panicked, and Elizabeth * the world seemed to see that the ice pupil was flustered and got up and hugged the ice pupil. His eyes were full of heartache and his hands clung to the ice pupil tightly.
Ice pupil trembled a little. Put your hand on Elizabeth * and close your eyes, but your eyes still can’t stop shaking. All of them show the fear of ice pupil. She can give up everything and marry Jinxuan, but can Jinxuan? What should I do? Ice pupil thought of tears can’t help but fall.
Elizabeth * felt the fear of the ice pupil and hugged it tightly.
This kid’s been through too much!
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It was very late when Bing Tong came out of Elizabeth’s room. During this time, they talked for a long time. Elizabeth did not tell her what she wanted to be happy. No matter what she did, the British royal family would give her conditional support.
For Elizabeth * the world, these ice pupils really feel that her menstruation is really good. Before she left, she sprinkled it for a while. Elizabeth * Shinai had a headache and drove the ice pupil out of the room. Ice pupil came out of the room with a smile.
As soon as she went out, her smile vanished. She looked at her feet with a sad face and didn’t know what to think. She didn’t even see a few people walking in front of her.
"What are you looking at?" Suddenly a sound came to the ice pupil, startled, and looked up at the people in front, such as Xiao, Jin Xuan, Yi Yi and others, but the ice pupil seemed to see Jin Xuan’s eyes staring at Jin Xuan’s face.
Jinxuan smiled awkwardly at her and said, "What’s the matter with Europe?" Ice pupil like didn’t hear Jin Xuan that question eyes continue to look at Jin Xuan head suddenly Elizabeth * that a few words.

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