The ancient Weng looked up at Tian Jin Zun and dozed off. Qing Yi and Qing Chu didn’t know where to take out a set of Go. Xuanyuan and Xuangong held hands and smiled at each other. They were immersed in their tender feelings. Xuanluo looked left and right, and simply leaned down and snored.

There is a flower god Gherardini looking at Lin Xiao and saying, "People’s dragons have a secret method. If their bodies are touched by the opposite sex, they will naturally feel the sensation. That girl Ao Xue ~ ~ ~ I just told her who brought her naked all the way from arcturus to Qiyuanxing!"
"ouch!" Lin Xiao, who was struck by lightning, bounced up more than three feet tall and stumbled over!
Lin Xiao suddenly remembered some secret smells written in the Great Rodin Sutra about the dragon, and he couldn’t help shaking and pointing to the flower god, shouting, "That is the most ferocious, cruel and affectionate dragon among the dragon species ~ ~ ~"
Jin Zun, who was dozing off, suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, "The most cruel, cruel, and affectionate mother!"
"Hey!" The flower god punched the golden statue and flew it out.
"Boom" The Shimen of the abode of fairies and immortals was suddenly blown into several pieces, and its master with dozens of forbidden protections was scattered like tofu.
A tall and handsome figure in a bloody robe with long hair as harsh as blood slowly walked into the abode of fairies and immortals. A sweet and soft but cold voice slowly asked, "Who is Lin Xiao?"
Ancient Weng, Jin Zun, Hua Shen, Qingyi, Qing Chu, Xuan Yuan, Xuan Hao, Xuan Luo and other famous virtual masters also stretched out their right hands and pointed to Lin Xiao’s bloody shadow, which spread suffocating pang Dawei pressure. Even if the ancient Weng, a top virtual master, was forced out of breath by Na Wei pressure.
Two lotus flowers in the smoke suddenly lit up like burning flames.
"You are Lin Xiao? Drunk Long Dan drunk over her aunt and then took advantage of her all the way to come here. Lin Xiao? " Great waves swept through the famous virtual masters such as the ancient Weng in the abode of fairies and immortals and were blown out like scarecrows.
Lin Xiao was even more unbearable. He was blown away by the waves, and the cave wall was heavily bombarded. A sharp pain came from his back. Lin Xiao didn’t come yet and gave a miserable cry. A delicate, smooth, soft and beautiful line was better than a strong hand. He was grabbed by his neck and brought to life.
"Very well, I have something personal to talk about with you! You’d better follow me. "
Don’t let Lin Xiao have the opportunity to express personal opinions. The blood shadow picked up Lin Xiao and strode out of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Several people in the old man in the abode of fairies and immortals looked at each other in horror for a while and muttered to themselves, "He won’t be killed, will he?"
The flower god shivered and shook his head again and again. "Death won’t die. The dragon girl is extremely paranoid about this matter. He won’t die!"
Jin Zun rolled his eyes and winced a little. He glanced at Hua Shen and muttered, "It’s fucking uncomfortable to find a woman who is stronger than himself!"
"Bang" Jin Zun flew far away again.
The old man suddenly burst into laughter. He laughed so hard that he flapped his belly and laughed. "It’s just a matter of throwing caution to the wind. Little friends Lin Xiao suffered a little. Let’s visit the ruins with the help of such a great master." Wonderful! "
Green a little crocodile tears’ hey hey’ laughed "is a little sorry Lin Xiao little brother"
Jin Zun struggled to pull out his head from the cave wall. He shouted angrily, "What’s wrong? Maybe he is still happy to be beaten by a woman! "
Gu Weng and Hua Shen roared at the same time, "Shut up for us!"
Jin Zun shut his mouth and sat down angrily and said to himself, "Do you care if you always like to be beaten by small flowers?"
The abode of fairies and immortals was silent and no one said anything.
A cloud of blood wrapped around Lin Xiao rushed up hundreds of miles high and rushed out of Qi Yuanxing’s atmosphere. After that, dozens of boulders fell to the ground with a loud noise. The girl Aoxue, who was transformed by the blood dragon, slammed Lin Xiao’s body into the ground with a heavy thump. Lin Xiao’s eyes turned white with pain and screamed, but he couldn’t spit it out in his eyes. The general blow of storm has followed.
Fists, toes with sharp broken, and a series of ghosting blasted Lin Xiao’s body. Every punch smashed Lin Xiao’s protective body. Every punch was deeply immersed in Lin Xiao’s muscles. Every punch was just right. His bones left a trace of shallow cracks, but he didn’t smash the bone. The tiptoes with ghosting blasted a series of muscles and meridians into Lin Xiao’s body, making his insides twisted. This is no longer a terrible pain, but his heart is twisted and painful.
Lin Xiao opened his mouth wide, and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth. He opened his eyes wide, but in front of him there were flashes of Venus and patches of black fog. He couldn’t see anything. He wanted to curl up, but every muscle in his body twitched and twisted, and he just couldn’t move a little finger.
The pain made Lin Xiao’s Yuan God have a chance to break up. Finally, when Lin Xiao was about to bear it, the crazy blow suddenly stopped. The timing of the stop was just right, which made Lin Xiao’s pain to the extreme, but he didn’t faint because of the pain. Lin Xiao lay stiff for half an hour, and finally his body wriggled gently. He held back for a long time, spat it out slowly and carefully, and took a deep breath very carefully, so that this cool breath nourished a burning lung. After Lin Xiao was about to exhale, he was very powerful and overbearing, and stamped on his chest hard to breathe gas in his lungs
This foot just stepped on Lin Xiao’s most deadly time, and the pain in his lungs made him want to die. He carried a sharp and overbearing blood gas on his toes, which made his heart tremble and his insides roll like a drunken bison. Lin Xiao opened his eyes wide and his eyes didn’t have a focal length. Looking at the front, he vaguely saw a whisked face coming to his face. An intoxicating and strange fragrance surged up. Lin Xiao took a sip and seemed to have a better physical injury.
Two pieces of fiery lips kissed Lin Xiao’s lips gently, and then two rows of fine silver teeth mercilessly bit Lin Xiao’s lips, and Lin Xiao was so painful that he screamed again. His lips had two rows of tooth marks, and the blood quickly rolled out from the deep tooth marks and slipped down his cheek.
It’s as clear as a bell. "You are my person. I’ll leave some marks for you first! Don’t let women near you after you! You are my Aoxue man! "
A powerful little hand grabbed Lin Xiaoling and savagely lifted him from the ground.
Lin Xiao severely shook his head and finally let the confused eyes focus on the eyes to see the red-haired girl Aoxue’s face with a hint of shyness. She looked at Lin Xiaoli and shook Lin Xiao’s body and said, "But don’t you marry me so easily! I, the strong dragon, beat me before you can marry me! You must have more power than me before I will marry you as your wife, or you will not want daydreaming! "
Lin Xiao opened his mouth with difficulty and shouted, "But Miss Ao Xue didn’t say I wanted to marry you!"
"How is that possible?" AoXue cocked his head and looked at Lin Xiao puzzled. "How is that possible? You’ve seen all my body, so let’s not say that we dragons don’t wear clothes on weekdays, but you’ve touched my body and kissed me, so you must marry me! Well, do you want to be eaten by me? "
Ao Xue’s face showed a strange smile. She said slowly, "Eating you is against my dragon custom, but I will bury you."
"You ~ ~ ~" Lin Xiao was so anxious that he shouted, "Why are you so unreasonable as a female dragon? I have someone I like! "
"I know, I know!" Aoxue patted Lin Xiao’s head gently and she smiled gently. "I know that the little girl who spent the previous thing told me that you don’t just have a fool, don’t you?" Not to mention that she is dead, even if you really refine the reincarnation Dan and the dream-returning Dan to restore her original appearance, I don’t care! "

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